10 Things Cats Do Without Realizing They Are Being Adorable


People cannot ignore the fact that cats are the leader of web. These loveable creatures have become part of our life like best friends. To them, every twitch of the nose or casual pause is just a part of their everyday routine, but In fact they are not aware of their own prettiness that exactly makes them attractive. Let’s have a look at their adorable trait.

Here you will find a list of 10 Things Cats Do . Enjoy !

Rolling over onto their back, revealing their belly

When a cat rolls over onto her back and shows her belly, she tries to show that she is in comfortable mood. All is well in their world and she will appreciate a little petting from you. In some cases, she will roll over on her back as a way to say “hi” to her owner and that is very cute indeed.

Pushing their head into your hand

When your cat gives you a head butt consider it is like receiving a high five from your furry pet. Somehow it looks as they want your affection, but in fact they want something from you. It can be either food or water.

Trying to fit into things they clearly can’t fit into

‘’If I fit I sit is ‘’may be a nice saying for cats, but until they bump into glass and something else. It is no secret that they love to crawl inside tight spaces, whereas such experiments involve cat’s aim to try new ways of walking or falling like never before. These experiments also become a source of amusement for us as well.


Cats are very intelligent creature and they quickly learn what works for them. When at night you wish to sleep they are going to meow perhaps due to their urge to hunt insects in your home. Some people think this rapid-fire movement of the jaw is a Pavlovian instinct that is allowing kitties to prepare their muscles for killing.

Sleeping anywhere and everywhere

Sometimes many cats nod off while standing up, which is a humor in motion. Often you will find your kitty sleeping on books or in potted plants. Not only because the pot is cozy, but also it’s surrounding greenery makes her feel like she is on a kind of relaxing tropical vacation.

Swatting the air with their paws

Living with a cat can be a very amusing experience, whenever you left a string unchecked; it’s the beginning of their playtime. With their cute little pose they try every possible thing to pull of the things which they become curious about. She uses her paw to test objects like stick. As you pull out your sneaker lace and hover over her face she began to play with it.

Preparing to pounce

A cat when prepare to attack her prey she sit on to the ground her eyes become wide and she stumbles like a piece of piece, eventually she makes a focus and attacks the object, though this becomes a cute and an interesting act shown by this little animal. This is also known as cat wiggle .

Running around the house at full speed

Even though they live in homes and eat from a bowl, they are natural hunters, and they are designed for the speed of the hunt, especially when they are young. In an environment where there is no prey for them they may try to chase an imaginary prey through the house or run. . Cute isn’t it?

Playing with things that aren’t toys

Cats like to play not only with curtains, computers, but also with boxes or wheels. No matter how many toys you leave out for it or how interesting the environment may be, it will try to play with something which is of your daily use.

Slipping their paw under the door crack to let you know how desperately they want to come inside

This cute gesture by cats makes them more adorable when they put a whole effort to just squeeze under the door and come inside a room. They may be even looking for food or just chasing you. This act makes them more loveable.

Source: About.cats-paradise.net