15 Things Only Pug Owners Will Understand


1. Pugs sleep more than your average dog. Seriously, they love napping.

2. You have to be careful how much your pug eats because they can get chubby very easily.

3. They have short arms so they’re not the best swimmers. That means you’ll need to buy your one of these adorable life vests.

4. Pugs don’t need a lot of space so they’re great pets if you have a small apartment or house.

5. They’re great with little ones and love children as well as babies.

6. They take a long time to potty train, but how can you get upset with that face?

7. Pugs never fail to impress you with some of the feats they can pull off.

8. They love attention and have no problem photobombing you if needed.

9. “Pretty sure you meant to film me.” — all pugs all the time

10. Pugs know how to do Halloween better than any other breed.

11. Really, no one outdoes a pug costume.

12. They play great with other dogs and other pugs.

13. They’re always ready for an adventure or just to have fun.

14. You will never get a better kiss than a kiss from a pug.

15. Now that you have a pug, you know that you will forever be all about that pug life.

Source: News.distractify.com