3-year-old Girl Asks Her Dog For His Paw…His Gentle Reaction Will Leave You Breathless!


All dogs are good dogs; some are just trained better than others.

I had a schnoodle (schnauzer-poodle mix) growing up that had a hard time even obeying “sit.” I can’t imagine doing something like placing a snack directly under his nose and demanding that he wait to eat it. No way he would have ever had that kind of patience, but that was probably more the fault of our training skills.

The video below shows three-year-old Hadley practicing her training skills with her gorgeously curly-haired dog Gauge. Gauge is so calm and collected around Hadley, and Hadley seems to have total control over her commands — and she’s only three.

The humane society recommends training dogs with positive reinforcement. By praising them and rewarding them with treats, you teach positive behaviors early rather than confusing them by yelling. Clearly little Hadley’s parents have taught her the benefits of positive reinforcement training.

I’m glad her mommy caught this moment on video. I especially love at second :40 when she notices how sharp his paws are. Her reaction is hilarious!

Source: Cute.littlethings.com

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