A 14-Year-Old Dog Went Missing And Fell Into A Mud Pit. Guess The Hero Who Rescued Him…


In October of 2014, a 14-year-old chocolate Labrador retriever named Quik went missing. His adventure started when his owner, Judy Froehlich, let him out early one morning.

“I go to call the dog and he doesn’t answer. He didn’t come which is very odd,” Froehlich said.

Judy had to leave for an out of town trip. She told her husband, Frank, that Quik was missing and he needed to look for him.

Frank drove around for hours looking for Quik. He would hear him bark occasionally but couldn’t find him. He asked a neighbor for help, and it just so happened this neighbor has a 14-year-old hunting dog, Macy. She’s an English Setter who’s been trained to retrieve hunted birds.

Cardin took Macy to the Froehlichs’ and let her smell Quik’s bed. The pair went into the woods and eventually found Quik stuck in mud up to his shoulders near the pond.

“You couldn’t tell where the mud stopped and the dog started,” Cardin said. He added, “I looked at Quik and I said, ‘We’re going to get you out today.’”

The mud was so thick that it took Cardin and two men who mow the Froehlichs’ yard two hours to free Quik. After the long ordeal, Quik needed a bath and a long nap. Now Quik has a new best friend — his hero, Cardin.

Source: Littlethings.com

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