A Baby Panda Was Caught On Hidden Camera Doing THIS! Can You Believe It?


I absolutely love pandas! They are probably the most cuddlesome creatures and seem to have the biggest hearts, especially when they are babies! Lucky for us, we get to witness cuteness unfold after these little pandas were caught on video surveillance.

In this video, the adorable pandas of Chengdu Giant Panda Research Center were captured on camera wrapping their entire bodies around the zookeeper’s legs, while getting dragged along because they wouldn’t let go. It looks like these loveable pandas wanted the zookeeper to keep them company with some playtime instead of going back to work. They even pulled her to the ground and held on with their cuddly grip in attempts to get her to stay. You could even tell through her expression that she thought this was adorable and funny at the same time. As she attempts to get up, she even has to try to unwrap the panda’s grip to get back inside. How funny!

I thought it was adorable when one of the pandas tried to block the door so the zookeeper couldn’t go back inside. He was probably thinking, “Please don’t go, playtime isn’t over yet.” How cute!

Source: Pandas.littlethings.com

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