A Little Boy Walks Up To The Glass. Now Watch The Lion… OMG!


Most people wouldn’t want to come face-to-face with a lion, but that is exactly what happened to a little toddler when he recently visited the El Paso Zoo in Texas.

In the video, Zari, a seven-year-old lioness, tries to make friends with a young boy. The wild animal is seen swiping at the glass separating her from the boy. The curious feline playfully jumps and scratches the glass as the excited toddler barely bats an eye. He’s actually pretty delighted by the attention he’s getting from the lion.

Rick LoBello, the Educational Director at the El Paso Zoo, captured the amazing encounter. Since it was uploaded, the viral video has gained national attention and has been streamed more than 84,000 times.

The adorable little boy left the zoo with the experience of a lifetime. He walked away from the wild encounter with a smile on his face.

Source: Littlethings.com

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