A Mom Sees Her Sick Baby For The First Time — You’ll Be In Tears!


The bond between a mother and her baby is probably the most incomparable relationship there is. For Yuan Yuan and her panda cub Yuanzai it’s no different. When you witness their emotional first encounter since Yuanzai’s birth, you will definitely be on the verge of tears.

This female panda and her cub have had to go a whole month without seeing each other after her baby accidentally sustained a minor leg injury and had to spend most of her time living in an incubator to heal properly. Mom just couldn’t wait to see more of her baby girl. When the zoo staff brought her out for the first time, you could tell just how much she wanted to be next to her cub, because she scooted as close as she could to the cage and had her legs and arms sticking out ready for this reunion. Luckily we can be at peace knowing that this mother and daughter will get to officially be together again very soon.

I thought it was adorable how this mother and her daughter both reacted so sweetly to seeing each other for the first time since birth. This adorable encounter has me thinking that Yuan Yuan will make one excellent mother to her little one! This definitely has to be one of the most endearing first encounters to witness between a panda and her cub. I’m in tears!

Source: Panda.littlethings.com

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