A Monster Did The Unthinkable To 60 Puppies…And Got EXACTLY What He Deserved!


You may not hear about the Humane Society of the United States all the time, but the unsung heroes of this organization are constantly saving helpless animals.

However, one recent rescue was so incredible that we needed to spread the word. The HSUS came to the rescue of nearly 60 emaciated dogs at a Cottonwood, AL residence that was believed to be running an illegal breeding operation.

Rescuers found many of the poor canines near death and made sure they got immediate medical attention. “The cruelty these dogs were shown is painful to see, and we couldn’t stand by and allow them to suffer,” Cottonwood public safety director Col. Jim Smith told AL.com. The dogs are believed to have been bred for illegal fighting rings, since all but three were dogo Argentinos, a canine often used for dog-hog fights.

Local police, who coordinated with the HSUS in planning the sting, also found illegal drugs and firearms at the Cottonwood residence. Veterinarians will care for the rescued dogs while they stay at a local shelter until more permanent homes can be found. Their former abusers, on the other hand, face some serious jail time for animal cruelty and felony drug charges.

Check out the shocking photos below and scroll all the way down for video.

The Humane Society of the United States rescued about 60 dogs from a Cottonwood, AL residence on January 12, 2015.

The HSUS and Cottonwood PD say the owners were running an illegal breeding operation and found the dogs in disgraceful conditions.

Almost all of the dogs, who range in age from four months old to teenagers, were emaciated and suffer from skin infections and malnutrition complications.

All but three of the dogs rescued were dogo Argentinos, a breed associated with dog-hog fighting.

The two French bulldogs and a German shepherd who were found also have severe health problems.

Police also found illegal drugs and firearms on the property.

The dogs are being treated by veterinarians while they are held at a local shelter. The criminal breeders are pending animal abuse and felony drug charges.

Source: Littlethings.com

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