A Pup Thought His Owner Was Drowning. His Reaction? This Is Why I Love Animals


This pup was relaxing on the shore as his owner went for a swim. When the pooch looked over to see his beloved master submerged in the water, he did something truly remarkable.

Though it’s easy to see this man was in no real danger, the instincts his dog displayed that day is nothing short of amazing. This footage just serves as more proof that dogs truly are man’s best friend. This left us wondering about what else we may not know about canine instincts.

According to Wikipedia, “Research has shown that there are individual differences in the interactions between dogs and their human masters that have significant effects on dog behavior. For instance, Topal and colleagues (1997) have shown that the type of relationship between dog and master, characterized as either companionship or working relationship, significantly affected the dog’s performance on a cognitive problem-solving task. They speculate that companion dogs have a more dependent relationship with their owners, and look to them to solve problems. In contrast, working dogs are more independent.”

So, the personal relationship shared between you and your pooch determines how they’ll eventually develop their instincts. Though, the dog-lover in me feels like any pup would leap at the chance to save their owner, regardless of upbringing.

We here at SFG love heroic pups like this, but how did this footage make you feel? Please share your thoughts and feelings with us in the comment section below.

Source: Fb-11.sfglobe.com