A Rescue Dog Performed A Remarkable Feat That This Family Will Never Forget


It was 4:30 a.m. on Saturday January 17th when the home of Chris Julian and Kelly Yarbrough caught on fire. They were home with two of their four children when the incident happened. They were all sleeping in the same room, having watched a movie together the night before, when Lou, their rescued pit bull, ran in and awoke alerting them to the smoke filling their home. Because of him, they all made it out alive.

An article published only a few weeks after the fire revealed that they believe the incident is the result of arson. Also, this fire is the third in a series of incidents that had occurred that month, the others being a truck stolen and another truck’s tires slashed. Though they are still investigating the matter, they have reveled that the fire started on the steps leading up to the attic.

This family of six (seven when you add in Lou) is now homeless and trying to find a way to get back on their feet. While times will be tough for a while, they are still thankful that they had their devoted family pet there to aid them in their hour of need. They were there to rescue him from the shelter and now he has rescued them in return.

Source: Fb-44.sfglobe.com