Adorable Baby Learns How To Give Hugs For The First Time — I’m Melting!


Hardly anyone can resist giving babies love and affection. When it comes to holding their tiny bodies or stroking their incredibly soft cheeks, I find them so irresistible! But what is even better than showing sweet babies some love? When they learn to give you affection back!

This precious seven-month-old is finally learning what hugs are, and how to give them. Her method is definitely a little different, but that is what makes this video all the more cute and funny. Her “huggies” are definitely unique! I love watching these hugs and especially seeing how much mommy enjoys them, too! While she learns about hugs, this adorable baby looks up to the camera — and when she does, you could almost fall into her big blue eyes! Everything about this video is just perfect.

And if you think this tot is cute, then you will absolutely melt over the most precious hug between baby and dog I’ve ever seen.


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