Adorable Cat Doesn’t Realize That Most Cats Don’t Do This. SO Cute!!


Cats can do some amazingly cool things. They’re playful and funny. They love to stalk, chase, and hunt things. Many outdoor cats will even bring the prize from their hunt back and drop it at their owner’s feet. Some cats are great at snuggling. And some are even known to knock things off of the table just for the heck of it.

But one thing that most cats are not known for doing is playing fetch. Most dogs will fetch a ball or a bone for hours and hours — until your soggy throwing hand is so tired that you can barely lift it — but cats just aren’t usually that interested in bringing something back to you after you’ve thrown it. They’re independent and want to play with their toys on their own time.

The cat in this video, however, doesn’t seem to understand this usual kitty trait. Amadeus, as he’s called, clearly loves to play fetch. He watches intently as the cameraman grabs a tiny jingle-toy, shakes it a few times, and hurls it across the room. Then Amadeus is off and running! He finds the toy, grabs it in his little kitty mouth, and brings it back to the man behind the camera. Amazing!

Maybe Amadeus is just too young to realize that cats don’t usually play fetch, or maybe he just marches to the beat of his own drum. Either way, he’s pretty darned cute!

Does your cat play fetch with you? Let us know!


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