Adorable Puppy Can’t Get Down The Stairs — But Look Who Comes To Her Rescue!


It’s an exciting day for this dachshund puppy named Scarlet. It was the first time she was able to scramble her tiny body up the big steps in the house. I am sure she was just as proud of herself as her owners were, but now that Scarlet sits at the top, she realizes that what goes up must come down!

However, Scarlet is very tiny, and those stairs look much more intimidating from the top! This poor pup is definitely struggling with stomaching the idea, and her little wagging tail shows she wants to try but is just afraid. Thankfully, like a knight in shining armor, the family’s older, bigger, and more experienced dog Sally comes to the rescue!


In the sweetest moment ever, Sally shows Scarlett it’s not so scary, nor that difficult. The encounter between these two dogs is simply adorable. It’s so nice when our families and friends can help us! Please SHARE this story with them now!