Amazing To See And Hear ! The Loudest Purr In The World !


It is amazing to see one of the strongest, largest, within the moment, dangerous predators in a helpless state of mind and body. But in this case in a good, unusual and above all cute way. Since the leopard is in the zoo, it is probably in one way or another in stress. Different environment, cage like life, is not really a good place for a cat this big and wild.

Since the “purr” is known as a sign for something enjoyable , it is wonderful to see the animal, relaxed, on its back rolling, playing and obviously cuddling. Rubbing his eyes and purring is the best way to show joy, and the source to continue what its doing. As it is joy for the cat it should be for the human too, knowing that purring is a trigger for mind relaxing, the vibrations are good for bone density and since it relaxes the mind, it acts as a pain killer. These moments are quite rare to see, but having a chance seeing it at least on the screen is as fun and interesting, as being there.