Bad Guys Try to Escape by Harming Family Dog. Too Bad the Family Dog Knows How to Catch Bad Guys.


Legend, a Bullmastiff mix, has quite a name to live up to. And today, he’s not only a legend, but a hero as well.
As Bay News 9 reports, the five strange men who chose to attack Damien Strickland and Mersadie Wells-Shahan outside their home in Tampa had no idea what a bad decision they had just made. Legend, who has been described by The Brandon Patch as a “gentle giant” rushed to their aid, biting one assailant and chasing off the intruders.In the meantime, Legend is getting some much-deserved rest and recognition. Wells-Shahan and Strickland credit their heroic hound with saving their lives and making sure that a terrifying situation didn’t get worse.

Legend should even get some credit for helping nab the perpetrators. Police have arrested one man they found shortly after the incident who was obviously trying to conceal a dog bite — the bite that Legend had inflicted while saving his people. According to Patch, the man in custody is being charged with the injuries to Legend as well as the attempted robbery and injuries to Damien Strickland. What’s more, local police are confident that there will be more arrests to come.

It may be all in a day’s work for man’s best friend, but Legend managed to stop a crime, save his owners, chase off the criminals, and help police arrest the men behind the crime. That deserves a few extra treats.