Burmese Kittens Learning How To Climb – So Cute!


They say that Burmese cats are more like dogs. They love to play and even fetch. With their strong bodies and exceptional agility, there are not cat toys that they cannot handle. Today, these kittens are about to see the most challenging cat toy they’ve ever seen. It’s a six-foot cat pole and these kittens doesn’t have any idea about how to climb it! It’s a long way up and their mom showed them how it’s done the right way. These kittens didn’t waste any time and climbed the pole right away! Click the video below and watch these adorable kitties trying to scale their fear of height! Don’t worry little kitties, time will come that you’ll be able to climb to the top! These are brave little cats. Please leave a comment below if you have cute cats like this at home.

Source: Iheartcats.com