Dad Was Left Alone With The Babies…And Then? I Can’t Stop Smiling!


“When mommies are away, daddies will play.” That’s the hilarious message new fathers Chris Fabregas and Matt McCarty sent their wives while they were on babysitting duty one day, along with the most adorable video ever!

The two guys, who’ve been friends since eighth grade, started having weekly “daddy daycare” to spend some time together while bonding with their newborns. Each Friday, Fabregas hangs out with his five-month-old son, Hudson, as well as McCarty and his nine-month-old daughter, Victoria.

On one particular day, the moms checked in to see how it was going. The dad’s response was classic! They set up a video camera and filmed themselves adorably dancing with their babies to Maroon 5′s “Sugar.”

The dancing dads sent the video to their wives, who absolutely loved it! After they posted the video on YouTube, it just took off. There’s nothing sweeter than a proud dad bonding and having fun with his child.


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