Doctor Pronounces His Patient Dead, But Returns To The Body For One Last Thing


This is one of those stories that just hits you. When Jeff Markin was driving to work one day he started feeling sick and called his boss, who told him to go to the emergency room. Markin’s memory gets a little foggy from here as he had collapsed on the hospital floor not long after entering. Hospital staff alerted Dr. Chauncey Crandall, that day’s cardiologist, who rushed to tend to Markin. According to the video, the medical team worked on Markin for 40 minutes, shocking him twelve times. Unfortunately, their attempts were not enough to save Markin, and Dr. Crandall was forced to call the time of death. It was only minutes after Dr. Crandall had pronounced the man dead and was walking out of the room that he heard a voice call out to him, telling him to go back to the man. What ensues after this point is nothing other than a true miracle.