Every Time The Cat Wants Inside The House, He Does This. I’m DYING!


Dogs aren’t the only pets who can learn a good trick. In fact, cats are just as smart and capable of learning all sorts of tricks. And just wait until you see what this funny cat can do.

In the video below, Bruno lets his owners know when he wants in by ringing the doorbell. He paws at the doorbell and patiently sits outside until someone lets him in. How cute! This cat will soon amaze you with the awesome trick he’s learned.

According to his owner, “He only does it when he knows we’re awake and not in bed, so the bell never goes off at 4 in the morning. Smart cat.”

Have you ever seen a cat do that before? I wonder how they trained Bruno to do this. It probably took a lot of time and patience, but it’s such a clever way for the cat to tell his owners he’s ready to come back in after an afternoon of playing outdoors.

Source: Housecats.littlethings.com

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