Everyone Thought She Was His Grandma, But We Found Out The Truth…OMG!


They say love is blind, but I’m finding it extremely difficult to wrap my heard around this man’s taste in relationships…

Kyle Jones is a healthy, handsome 31-year-old from Pittsburgh, PA. At first glance, he appears completely normal, but if you saw him out on a date, you’d be blown away…or you might just assume he was having dinner with his grandmother.

Jones has never dated ladies around his age. Instead, he has an unusual taste for the elderly, and goes for women two-to-three times his age, like 91-year-old Marjorie McCool.

“I sometimes feel like he’s another son,” McCool told Barcroft TV of her much much younger beau. “Until we hop in bed, and then I feel different.” Jones says that people find what he does uncomfortable because they don’t like to think of their grandparents having sex. “Yes they do, and some of them have with me,” he told Barcroft.

I like to think that age is just a number and find nothing wrong with May-December romances, but it’s not every day you hear a young man say he loves platinum hair, wrinkles, and sagging breasts.

This self-proclaimed “cougar hunter” may give some hope to us aging ladies, but it still makes me question true love…

What do you think about Kyle and Marjorie’s hot and heavy affair?

Source: Shocking.littlethings.com

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