Family Surprises Adopted Daughter With A Special Gift That Inspires Joyous Tears


The family you will see in the video below organized a wonderful surprise for their adopted daughter. The parents were matched for adoption with the blond girl via The Adoption Exchange, an organization that helps match adoptive parents with children in the foster care system. The girl lived in a different state when she was matched with her adoptive parents, so they traveled to meet her and the rest of her foster family. It was very evident to the adoptive parents that their adopted daughter was very close with her foster sister and missed her and worried about her while they were separated. For Christmas, the parents decided to fly in the foster sister for a visit and managed to keep it a secret until Christmas.

The sisters’ reunion is simply beautiful, and it’s clear in just a matter of seconds that they absolutely love and adore each other. What’s even more spectacular about this family’s story is that it doesn’t just end with this Christmas surprise. The foster sister that was flown in to visit was approaching the age when she would be emancipated from the foster care system, but she did not feel as though she had a real family. When during this visit she expressed her desire to have a family to call her own, this wonderful and kind family decided to adopt her as an adult. A month later when the courts emancipated the older sister, she was adopted into the loving family she always wanted.

According to The Child Welfare Information Gateway, there were 399,546 children in foster care in September of 2012. Further, 47% of these children, or approximately 187,787 children, were in non-relative foster homes. Though there are plenty of loving, kind, and compassionate foster parents within the system, this does not mean that the system does not have its flaws. The temporary nature of it that allows for children to move homes multiple times can leave foster children feeling like they have nowhere to belong or call home. This can challenge their sense of self-worth and desirability, often times causing them to attribute each bad or wrong fit with a foster family to an intrinsic fault in themselves. This is devastating to the psychological development of the child and can leave them feeling like they have never and will never be good enough, that there is something inherently wrong with them, and that no one wants them or cares about them. When we see families like the one in the video below, it becomes so undeniably evident that a good match and a permanent adoption can really boost the confidence of a foster child.


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