‘Giving the Shirt Off His Back’ is Redefined When A Man Hands A Homeless Book Lover Something Better


Reddit user mjuad was visiting Las Vegas on business when he noticed a homeless man who had been reading an old, ragged book every time he passed.

A brief conversation revealed that the homeless man’s name was Paul, and that he loved to read, but had only the one book, which he had been reading “over and over” for some time. On hearing Paul’s story, the business man gave Paul his Kindle, along with a lesson in how to use it.

The Kindle already had 300 books on it.

Furthermore, before leaving the city, the man told Paul how he could send it back to him, free-of-charge, if he ever needed more to read.

By sharing his story, the man hopes to inspire others to do what they can to brighten someone’s day.

Speaking to Huffington Post, he said:

“It brought me a lot of joy to see someone getting so much from something that I gave them. It feels so good to see someone get so much for something I took for granted.”

Source: Liftbump.com

A shared love of reading and an act of kindness help to create this unexpected connection.