Goat Tries Peanut Butter For The First Time. Her Reaction? PRICELESS!


There’s something so cute about animals eating peanut butter, and this delightful video is perfect and well worth your time.

After getting a second chance at life, Stephie the goat is finally able to indulge in the finer things in life — like peanut butter. The adorable animal lives at the Manning River Farm Animal Sanctuary, a refuge for abused farm animals in Australia. It’s here where she’s taken good care of, and allowed to enjoy the occasional scoop of peanut butter.

In the video, Stephie is given a scoop of the good stuff and instantly is in heaven! She starts slurping and it sounds like she’s really enjoying it. It doesn’t take her long to have peanut butter all over her mouth, but she’s just so precious. She sure does love that peanut butter!

Source: Goats.littlethings.com

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