He Drops An Ice Cube On The Floor. His Puppy’s Reaction? OMG!


Is there anything in the world cuter than a puppy that is just totally confused and afraid of the silliest, most normal things? Little puppies are often exploring the world around them for the very first time and just about everything seems new, weird, and sometimes terrifying to them. For those of us watching, however, it’s just really cute.

In the below video, for example, Walter the 8-week-old German Shepherd puppy suddenly finds himself on the floor with his new nemesis – a freshly fallen ice cube!

The adorable pup takes a good, long look at the ice cube before darting in and out after it, nipping at it, swatting it around with his foot, and eventually just laying down in confusion.

In a few seconds, however, Walter is back on his paws and taking on the ice cube once again. This time, he’s barking and whacking the frigid foe around the room. At one point, he even grabs the ice cube in his jaws and walks towards his water bowl before it falls out again.

Determined, Walter continues his quest to slay the icy evildoer and, eventually, walks away with the defeated ice cube in his grasp.

His human cheers and we all get a really good laugh. Way to go, Walter! You vanquished your foe mighty handily!

Source: Shepherdpuppy.littlethings.com

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