He Finds A Horse And Her Baby Dying In The Snow — Then Does The Unthinkable


In 2013, Macy and her foal Loca were found abandoned in an icy field. They were freezing, starving and exhausted. You can see Macy laying her body down, resting her head on the snow and shivering uncontrollably — this is an animal on the brink of giving up. It’s heartbreaking to watch, but rest assured a happy ending is ahead. Thankfully, the World Horse Welfare team arrived just in time. After emergency veterinary care, Macy and her foal Loca were brought to the U.K.’s Hall Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre to continue their life-saving treatment and rehabilitation. This story reminds me of the horses in Tennessee, so badly neglected that both the Humane Society and local sheriff’s department joined forces to help.

Source: Snowhorse.littlethings.com