He Found A Sealed Box On The Side Of The Road. What’s Inside? I’m In Tears!


What would you do in this situation?

Imagine that you’re driving down a road on a frigid January day. You’re probably tired from all the stress of the holidays and still trying to get back into the swing of normal life, when you see a box on the side of the road. It’s just a normal box for a product you’d find at any hardware store. It has been sealed shut and discarded by the side of the road. There’s nothing special about it, except a dog is standing next to it, howling…

Would you stop?

An anonymous good Samaritan in Green Valley, MO saw the dog and the box and decided he should probably check it out.

Thank God he did! Wait until you see what was inside.

I understand that sometimes people get new animals they don’t know how to take care of, but there are so many more options besides abandoning them like this! It’s incredibly infuriating, but let’s be grateful for good Samaritans like this stranger who went out of his way to make sure this story had a happy ending…

This was the box the man saw by the side of the road. It was sealed, and one small dog was standing beside it.

Inside the box were the dog’s four young puppies. They were huddled for warmth as their mother stood outside howling.

The box was only four feet long, so it was very cramped quarters for them. The nurses who helped rescue these puppies said it was probably for the best. Only their body heat was keeping them warm.

The man called Midwest Animal ResQ, who then raced to get the animals and brought them nearly 100 miles to veterinarian Susie Schatz.

The puppies were rescued at the perfect time. They had mites and were suffering from a skin infection. Had they been outside much longer, this story wouldn’t have such a happy ending.

Regarding abandoned animals, the veterinarian told local news station Fox4KC, “People just don’t know what to do and they just drop them off or set them somewhere where someone might find them because they don’t know what to do with them.”

The puppies are recovering and getting stronger every day. They’re not up for adoption yet, but will hopefully find their forever homes soon!

Maybe someday these adorable pups will get to the meet the kind stranger who took the time to stop and save them.

Source: Littlethings.com