He Gives His Cat Treats But They Keep Disappearing. Why? I Did NOT Expect That!


Cats get this reputation for being super independent and never wanting to play the games that we humans want to play, but they’re actually a lot more playful and loving than some might think. They’re also incredibly fast and sometimes pretty sneaky.

Take the below video, for example. This adorable gray and white kitty is sitting near the edge of the bed as its human gives it treats. All it wants to do is gobble a few treats up, fill its little kitten belly, and go lay down to sleep.

But what happens? The treats keep disappearing!

Well, not exactly disappearing. As you’ll see in the video, there’s a sneaky, orange ninja-cat hiding under the bed, and every time the human puts down a treat for his kitty, ninja-cat sticks out its paw, snatches the treat, and pulls it under the bed. Ha!

It’s like a little kitty monster under the bed snatching up all the treats!

Well, the humans are getting a kick out of it and the little grey kitty doesn’t seem too phased by the whole situation, so maybe he’s not so mad at his orange cat friend.

The video, while short, is perfectly sweet, pretty hilarious, and downright adorable. It reminds me of how my kitty is always attacking my feet as I walk next to the bed in the morning. Sneaky, sneaky cats. You gotta love them!

Source: Sneakycats.littlethings.com

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