He Goes Inside An Alpaca’s Pen. What She Does To Him? Tears Of Laughter!


Brian Barczyk, a producer for AnimalBytes TV, usually works with snakes and reptiles, but he decided to step out of his comfort zone during a recent visit to Cumberland, MD. While in my home state, Brian volunteered at the Tri-State Zoological Park and offered to clean one of the outdoor enclosures. Little did he know, the feisty alpaca-llama hybrid who calls the pen home was poised and ready to attack!

It proved to be a pretty rough first day for Brian. Misty, the four-year-old alpaca-llama hybrid, pounced on the producer almost as soon as he entered the pen with a rake and wheelbarrow in hand. She then chased him around the enclosure and mounted him several times.

“What the heck is wrong with this thing?!” Brian said. “Come on, can’t you see I’m working?”

Soon it all became a bit too much for Brian, and he had to hop over a fence and make his grand escape.

I have fond memories of visiting an alpaca farm with my dad as a teen. We drove an hour out from Maryland to a rural part of Virginia just to pet and visit with them, and I do remember them being a lot more docile than Misty. I have a feeling that Misty meant well, and may have just been feeling a bit territorial over her space that day, or maybe she liked Brian a little too much…

Source: Animals.littlethings.com

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