He Introduced A Baby Kitten To His Pup. What Transpires Next Is Simply Precious


This pet owner was excited to finally have his loyal pooch meet his new, tiny kitten. How did their initial meeting go? Let’s just say I can’t stop replaying this footage!

Cats and dogs are famous for their supposed inherent hatred of one another. Though, that is not always the case. A variety of different factors play into a successful feline/canine friendship.

Most of it depends on the natural attitudes and personalities your pets have. If, by nature, your pooch is calm and docile, chances are he’ll have no issue meeting a kitty for the first time. But if your cat tends to be aggressive and standoffish, the bond between your pets may take some time and patience. And at the end of the day, that is really the key: time and patience.

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Source: Fb-14.sfglobe.com

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