He Noticed Something Odd About This Stingray. When He Pressed On It? I Gasped


Witnessing a birth in the wild is really a spectacular sight. However, assisting an animal in one is truly a once in a lifetime experience. For the Conger family though, a day fishing at sea gave them the opportunity to see one of life’s great miracles not once…but twice!

When 18-year-old Calvin caught this ray in Port Charlotte, Florida, he intended to reuse it as shark bait. However, his father noticed something unusual about the fish. Gently giving it a small push, he helped the mother birth a pup. A few seconds later, another tiny nudge allowed a second pup to come out. Not wanting to ruin the once-in-a-lifetime moment, the Congers tossed the newborns and their mother back into the ocean.

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Source: Fb-17.sfglobe.com

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