He Screams, ‘HELLO!’ The Dog’s Response Leaves EVERYONE In Stitches!


The internet absolutely loves videos featuring pets who seem to “talk back” to their owner, be it in barks, meows or full-on words from the English language.

“I love you” is, of course, the most popular phrase, but in this video we hear the good ‘ol standard greeting: Hello!

When Dad shuts the gate to his home and leaves the rottie and Boston terrier missing him from afar, he starts shouting “Hello!” to the doting pups. And it seems he knows exactly the type of response he’s going to get. The Boston terrier barks back and sounds exactly like his pet parent!

Dad’s communication with his canine companion leaves his friends in hysterics, and by the end of this video I was cracking up. Their laughter is contagious, and this dog is not only hilarious, but also very smart.

Source: Dogs.littlethings.com

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