He Sees An Old Dog Next To Open Chemical Tanks. Moments Later? Amazing.

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Hope For Paws is back with another amazing rescue video. This time, they were called to the scene of a water treatment facility where a senior dog roamed the grounds. He was old, lonely, starving, and surrounded by dangerous territory. He never knew love or affection, and it showed — he wouldn’t let the rescue team come close.

Because the dog, who they named Mufasa, was living onsite of chemical tanks, the team had to be very careful. They knew that pulling off this rescue was a must.

The heroes remained patient and vigilant, throwing delicious hamburgers in Mufasa’s direction. Eventually, they were able to get Mufasa into the car and on his way to recovery. He may have smelled “like a sewer” when he arrived at the Hope For Paws center, but with a little care and a lot of grooming, he now smells like flowers :)

Watch the video below to see this pup’s wonderful transformation. What a sweet, beautiful dog who will finally experience all the love he can possibly get. He’s currently being fostered by a rescue that specializes in senior dogs. How fantastic!

Source: Olddogs.littlethings.com

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