He Set Up A Camera To See How His Dog Kept Escaping The Pet Gate. What He Saw? Amazing!


Some dogs are just a little bit smarter (and sneakier) than others. That’s just the way it goes. While one dog might not be able to figure out a way through his doggie door with a bone in his mouth, another will be in the corner solving a Rubik’s Cube (not really… Well, not that we’ve seen on YouTube yet, at least).

The dog in the below video, uploaded by YouTuber Paul Groves, definitely falls into the smart (and sneaky) category.

“Despite his path to upstairs being blocked by a metal safety gate,” Groves writes in the video description, “our dog was not going to give up without a fight! Check out our secret dog cam! Unbelievably cheeky and clever!”

Just as he says, Groves set up a camera to see just how his clever pooch was escaping the secured pet gate and making his way upstairs. What he found is pretty amazing.

As Groves locks the gate and steps away from the camera, we see his dog step into the frame. After a few seconds, we see the dog crouch dog on his belly and stick his head through the tiny cat flap near the bottom of the gate.

That is one tiny cat flap, but the dog gets his front end through it with no problem. And after a few more seconds (and a little flopping around) the dog’s backside is through the flap as well, and he’s back on his feet on the other side of the gate. Amazing!

While it looked like a tight squeeze, this pooch made it look awfully easy to get through! Looks like Paul Groves is going to need to invest in a new type of pet gate. Ha!

Source: Cleverdog.littlethings.com

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