He Slices The Stem Of A Rose With An Exacto Knife For One Romantic Reason…


The clock is ticking. You have just a little bit of time to make a fun, unique, Valentine’s gift to leave your loved ones talking.

Whether this is for a date, kids, grandkids, friends, or just a fun office decoration, these rainbow colored roses are a fun project that only take 24 hours to make.

Of course, you can make these for occasions besides Valentine’s day. They’re fun gifts for moms, friends, or even co-workers.

These rainbow roses will leave the recipient of your gift wondering, “How did they do that?”

To begin, gather the following supplies:

White roses (The amount is your choosing)

4 plastic cups (per rose)

Exacto knife, or other sharp knife


White vinegar


Food coloring (at least 4 colors)

Adhesive tape

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Thanks to Maya Borenstein for helping me make these illustrations!

Gather the amount of white roses you want to dye. You’ll need a few cups for each rose, so don’t take on more than you can handle! Ensure that their stems are at least 8 inches long. This will not work on red, yellow, or pink roses.

Use a sharp blade like an Exacto knife or box cutter to split each stem.

Next, go ahead and cut the stem into fourths. Only cut up long far enough that the bottom ends of the stems can be divided into each cup full of liquid.

Hint: If possible, cut the stems as they are submerged in one or two inches of water. This will keep them from spoiling.

Put each quarter of the stem into a differently colored glass of water/food dye.

Mix the food coloring with enough water to submerge the stems. The more dye you use, the richer the colors. Add two spoonfuls white vinegar and a spoonful of sugar to the mixtures as well. This will help keep your colors nice and rich!

Let the roses sit for 24 hours for maximum color absorption. The stems will absorb the water and begin to color the petals. You can even fuse the stems back together with adhesive tape.

Source: Valentinesday.littlethings.com

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