He Snuck Into Their Baby’s Room At Night. What He Did While There? Horrendous


This is probably a new parent’s worst nightmare. This video features two instances of babies put in horrible positions. The first is a video capturing a man breaking in and shining a light on a baby.

Even stranger is when an Ohio couple was awakened in the middle of the night by strange sounds coming from their baby monitor. They realized that it was an unfamiliar man’s voice screaming “wake up baby” at the infant child. The baby’s father ran into the room when suddenly the monitor turned around to face him and the man on the other side began to scream obscenities at the father.

According to the security expert in the video, the offender hacked in through the wifi, and when the family contacted the company they were not surprised that their monitor had been hacked. The company advised the family to keep updates to the monitor system current, and to change their wifi password to something that nobody would know, but had no other recommendations for preventing the same problem in the future.

Source: Fb-65.sfglobe.com