He Thought He Just Killed A Tarantula, But Then THIS Happened…NOPE


Last week, we introduced you to the horsehair worm, a horrifying parasite that, in its larval stage, lives within other creepy crawlers. It feeds only when they feed and even controls their movements.

Couldn’t get any creepier, right? Wrong! In Australia, where the arachnids are bigger, it turns out the horsehair worms are also bigger and vastly more frightening. Watch what happens when an Aussie kills a giant spider, and an even bigger worm wiggles its way out.

(Apologies in advance for the metalcore music. We assume the worm just emits this when it’s freed from its host.)

Source: Scary-bugs.viralnova.com

Horrifying, right? Like an evil lo mein noodle or something. I’m so glad I’m not a spider right now.