He Wanted His Wife To Abort Their Unborn Child. When I Learned Why, I’m In Tears


Heath White had never known anything but winning. A successful student-athlete hailing from East Texas, he went on to pursue law school, pilot training in the United States Air Force, and even a position with the FBI. (Oh, and he’s a marathoner in his spare time, too). Heath eventually married his middle school crush, Jennifer, and several years later the couple gave birth to their first daughter, Pepper. The White family couldn’t have appeared any more perfect. However, when Jennifer began pregnant again a year later, the Whites received unexpected news: prenatal tests showed their unborn baby girl had Down syndrome. Heath, admittedly “scared and selfish,” wanted his wife to abort the child. He was concerned about what people would think. After all, he had “winning genes” and his reputation to protect. Yet while Jennifer was terrified that her husband would leave her, she refused to consider the option and eventually gave birth to Paisley.

Source: Abort-child.sfglobe.com