Her Camera Captures Owls In Her Yard. What They Do? I Can’t Stop Smiling!


Owls sure are curious creatures. They sleep all day and hunt all night. They’re always giving you that blank, wide-eyed stare. And their usual vocal response to just about anything? “Who.” That’s right. It’s basically just another question. They are darned cute though.

The burrowing owl might even be more curious. Unlike most owls, you most likely won’t find them hiding out in barns or perching up in trees. They, instead, nest in tiny burrows in the ground and, also unlike your typical owl, they are awake most of the day and sleep at night just like us. That’s one strange bird.

What you may not know, however, is that burrowing owls are excellent dancers. Yup, that’s right. When the beat drops these beautiful birds know to move it, move it like nobody’s business.

Luckily for us, there’s visual evidence of this. Wildlife photographer Megan Lopez set up a GoPro camera in the front yard to capture their cuteness. When she leaves the house, the little creatures come out to play. She bids farewell to the one owl that she sees in the grass, but seconds later a second owl scurries out of its burrow to join the fun.

That, friends, is when thinks get funky. Posted to YouTube by the folks at GoPro, Megan’s video now includes music by Aquadrop and turns the owls curious looks and head nods into a bass-dropping dance-off! It’s absolutely hilarious (and super cute).

Not only does this video make me want to set up my GoPro camera in the back yard to capture the wildlife, but it also makes me wish I had some burrowing owls to watch all day!

Source: Owls.littlethings.com

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