Her Dog Was Heartbroken, So She Wrote Her Neighbor A Note. Wait Till You See It…


Move over, Romeo and Juliet — Reddit user Garret_N has a love story like none you’ve ever seen or heard before.

There once was a dog who lived across the street from a cat. Every day, for nearly a year, the dog would longingly peer into the window across the street just to see his beloved cat. The dog was enamored and in love.

But one day, the cat’s owner blocked the pup’s view when she put plants in the window. Of course, she didn’t know the heartbreak she was causing across the way.

The dog grew sadder and sadder until his owner decided to reach out and break the silence between the two households. She taped a note on the window of the cat’s owner, and you can see what it said below.

Dog loves cat. Cat taken away from dog. Dog is heartbroken. But in the end, it’s all “for true love.” How sweet is this exchange between two pets and their two owners?

Source: Lovestories.littlethings.com

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