Her Dogs Pose For A Photo, But What She Catches Instead? HYSTERICAL!


Hey there pet owners! Have you ever tried to get your pets to stand still for a photo? If so, you already know it is way easier said than done!

Dogs are especially difficult…and when you have two? Something is bound to go wrong. This hysterical video is all the proof you need!

In this video from America’s Funniest Home Videos, we see two pups on their owner’s bed, posing for a photo. However, when the dogs’ human mom says the yellow Lab’s name, he gets so excited that he starts to wag his tail.

Normally a tail wag from a pup is a good thing, but not when you’re sitting right behind him! The big dog has no idea that whenever he wags his tail, he tickles the little pup right in his face, too!

I couldn’t stop laughing at their hilarious mishap. You have to love having dogs in the house. I bet these two are constant entertainment!

Source: Bigdogs.littlethings.com

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