Her Puppy Wouldn’t Leave The Cat Alone — But What She Caught Them Doing? HILARIOUS!


There has always been this notion that dogs and cats can’t live in harmony with one another under the same roof, but for some this isn’t even a concern. In this case, Lovie the Dalmatian and Squirt the cat are finally warming up to one another, and what you will witness looks like the start of a beautiful friendship!

Lovie the dalmatian is insistent on having Squirt the cat play with him. As Squirt hides behind her tower, Lovie tries to find a way around it to get her to come out and play. This is when Squirt starts to get into the playful act and decides to put her paws over Lovie’s eyes to show that her participation in this game is officially on! Squirt then runs back to her tower climbing to the next level so she can be higher than Lovie, and in turn plays with him some more. Squirt was probably thinking in that moment, “Ha, Lovie, you’re no match for me and my tower!” How cute!

There is just something about cats and dogs getting along and playing with one another that holds a special place in my heart. I thought it was adorable how Squirt finally went along with the game of playtime with Lovie. My favorite part was when Squirt covered Lovie’s little eyes and decided to challenge this puppy to the ultimate playoff. That was just downright adorable!

Source: Siblings.littlethings.com

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