He’s Hanging From A Bridge. When The Ground Comes Into View, My Heart Broke


The second half of this video had me on my feet and cheering. The footage depicts a small group of people standing by the railing of a bridge in southern Serbia who are trying to rescue a puppy stuck on a small island underneath the bridge. A man named Zoran Pavlovic was walking by with a group of friends when they spotted the poor pup and immediately started calling animal rescue shelters for help. To the group’s great surprise, many of the shelters were unable to offer assistance in rescuing the puppy. According to this video’s YouTube description, the friends finally called local dog rescuer Mr. Saša Pešić who met them at the bridge and conducted the rescue.

It’s unclear how the puppy ended up beneath the bridge, but it’s good to know that he’s safe now. Nobody likes seeing an innocent animal suffering or living in harsh conditions. Thank goodness for Pešić and his willingness to make a risky trek to save the puppy’s life. Pešić works with Naissus PAWark, a local dog shelter that has rescued approximately 450 dogs from situations similar to the one in this video.

We absolutely love animals here at the SF Globe office. We hope this video puts a smile on your face just like it did ours. Don’t forget to tell us what you think in the comments below after watching!

Source: Fb-18.sfglobe.com