He’s Walking Through The Snowy Woods…But He Never Expected THIS!


I know people say that wild animals are wild and have completely different ways of interacting with the world, but after you see what this wild fox does, you may start to think that certain animals understand us a lot better than we understand them.

When this YouTuber was out for his usual winter walk, he came across a fox. Usually, foxes are timid when it comes to people, but this little guy seemed different. As the man continued his walk, the fox trotted a few feet ahead, always looking back to make sure his new “friend” was following. A few times in the video it almost seems like the fox wants to play! At the end, he’s finally rewarded with a treat, so maybe these two have met before?

You always have to be careful when a typically nocturnal animal is out and interacting with humans during the day, but this fox seems perfectly healthy, and still keeps a safe distance. I think he’s just eager to have a little fun!

Source: Littlethings.com

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