Hidden Camera Captures What These Dogs Do When They’re Home Alone…


Although a majority of pet owners leave their animals home alone at some point during the week, you’re always left wondering what they’re doing while you’re away. How exactly do they entertain themselves?

Well, one family decided to set up a hidden camera to see what their two dogs and cat did during the day. In the footage, the dogs lounge on the fold-out couch while the cat chooses to take a nap on the coffee table. As the day rolls on and they anxiously await their family to return, the dogs snuggle. At one point, the bigger dog takes a peak out the window. Then, it’s time for another nap.

Meanwhile, the cat barely moves, catching a few Zs before dinnertime. Finally, at 1:42, the dogs hear the door open. Mom and dad are home! They leap up from their nap and are ready to greet their loving family. How sweet!

It’s so peaceful to see these three pets so calm and relaxed. They’re enjoying having the house to themselves and aren’t even getting into any trouble. These are such well-behaved animals.

Source: Hiddencamera.littlethings.com

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