His Family’s Left In Stitches When He Does THIS In The Snow!


Walter the golden Lab couldn’t be more excited after his owner gave him a new squeaky toy, but when he starts to play, he’s overcome with one hilarious dilemma.

As the beautiful dog bounds through the snow with the toy, he freezes in confusion whenever it makes a noise. He stops and looks around trying to figure out where the sound is coming from. He looks so serious, even turning to his owner. His priceless reaction leaves his owner in stitches.

The video description, written by Walter’s owners, reads: “Walter loves his squeaky ball but he doesn’t know where the sound comes from.”

You can see in the video that Walter is joyfully playing with his toy, but when it squeaks, he drops the ball, trying to figure out just what exactly he is hearing. This adorable video was posted in December 2013 but has been getting a lot of views recently, with a lot of viewers noting that their dogs have the same reaction to their squeaky toys. Does your dog have this kind of reaction? Tell us below.

Source: Littlethings.com

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