His Human Asks This Dog An Important Question. His Response? Priceless


The Brittany Spaniel is a remarkable breed. The name “Brittany” is taken from the Brittany region in northwestern France where the dog originated. Images of orange and white Brittany-like dogs hunting and retrieving game were first seen on tapestries and paintings from the 17th century. The first written and verifiable record of Brittanys comes from a hunting description written by Reverend Davies in 1850. He described hunting with small “bobtailed” dogs who pointed and were excellent retrievers. It was around the same time that the modern Brittany is rumored to have been bred by mating with English Setters.

Meet Amelia the Brittany Spaniel. Amelia’s human asks, “Who’s the best dog in the world?” Amelia’s response is absolutely perfect. This put a huge smile on my face.

Source: Sun-gazing.com

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