His Owner Is Taken Away By The Ambulance. Now Watch What The Dog Does…


If you have any doubt as to the loyalty and devotion a dog has to his or her owner, this video is all you need to see. It’s truly an incredible sight.

When his owner needed to be taken to the hospital on a stretcher, there was one special soul who insisted on remaining by his side the whole way there — his loving dog. As soon as the ambulance doors close, his little dog sprints into mighty action — literally — and proceeds to chase the ambulance all the way to the hospital. He knew Dad was in there, and he wasn’t about to let him go…

As you can see, the EMT workers are so surprised to look out the rear view window and see the pup following alongside the vehicle! It must not have been too much of a medical emergency, because they make sure to drive slow enough to let the dog keep up, and to not run him over! In the end, the concerned pup has arrived safely to the hospital, and watches closely to see that Dad makes it inside without a hitch.

How amazing is this video? It’s enough to make me cry.

Source: Littlethings.com

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