His Owner Was Crying. Now Watch The Dog’s Reaction…


Any dog lover will tell you that their pet has a sixth sense when it comes to understanding emotion. While it seemed like a good theory, a recent study now proves that dogs understand human emotions. In fact, they can even tell the difference between happy and angry human facial expressions.

Biologist Corsin Müller of the University of Veterinary Medicine in Austria and his colleagues trained 11 dogs and had them run through choice trials, in which the animals had to pick between happy or angry expressions. Their trials claimed that the dogs were truly able to spot an emotion and could differentiate between happy and sad faces. The dogs who had to pick out the happy faces performed better, suggesting that the animals had already learned to beware of angry expressions.

This study is just further proof explaining the extraordinary bond between humans and dogs. They may not be able to speak our language, but they are smart, capable animals that understand human needs. Dogs truly are a gift from God.

Source: Sadowner.littlethings.com

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