His Ungrateful Kids Dumped Him At The Nursing Home. But Then? I’m DYING!!!


It’s no secret that commercials in the United States are way more rigorously censored than those in foreign countries. Luckily, commercials considered “too hot for TV” can live on forever via YouTube.

The following ad comes our way from Argentina. It’s titled Ungrateful, and I have to admit that it brought me through a range of emotions — but the last couple of seconds are worth the wait.

The short video takes place in a nursing home where a young, self-absorbed son appears to be cruelly handing over his elderly father against his will. The retirement home is pretty questionable, with residents fighting with staff and one old woman crying for help.

The old man looks absolutely heartbroken. After all he has done for his son and daughter (who couldn’t even show up) over the years, they leave him someplace so awful. I was about ready to cry when the aging father sat in his wheelchair all alone at the end, but what happened next had me cracking up.

You have to see what brand they’re promoting in this commercial to have it all make sense…and does it ever!

Source: Nursinghome.littlethings.com

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