How to Make a Cool Strawberry Illusion Dessert


Looking for a mind-blowing dessert or snack to serve to guests? Then you’ll definitely want to give this illusion strawberry skeleton jelly a try. It’s pretty simple to make, but people won’t stop asking about for your secret. Hey It’s Mosogourmet shows us how this is done:

Here are the steps you need to follow:
1. Cut the strawberries in half lengthwise
2. Make jelly (Jell-O) according to box’s directions.
3. Dip the bowl containing the jelly/Jell-O in ice water to thicken.
4. Set your containers on a slant, then fill with jelly.
5. Put the strawberries on the the jelly.
6. Cool and harden in a refrigerator.
7. Make milk pudding according to directions on box.
8. Put the pan containing milk pudding in ice water and cool.
9. Pull the containers out of the fridge and fill with milk pudding.
10. Cool them once again in refrigerator.
11. Stick Scotch tape on top of the containers so that strawberries may not sink. Place the strawberries on it.
12. Cool them in the refrigerator for the 3rd time.
13. Remove tape after the milk pudding hardens and strawberries are set.